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Lately we've fielded a few inquiries about the rules or Code of Conduct on the Korean Ski Fields. To be frank, we haven't been able to find an official code covering all the Korean ski resorts.What we have managed to do is plough through the individual resort codes to put together our own "Korea Snow Mountain Code" that should keep you zipping about on the Korean Slopes safely and with a smile on your face.


1. Please consider the suggestions of advanced skiers as they tend to have a lot of experience not only in terms of skill but in how to act in ski areas. If an advanced skier kindly tells a beginner to use an easier slope first, it would be a good idea to follow that advice. There is a good chance you are on a double diamond black run and you should be heading back to something that is more appropriate to your skill level. Remember stay in control

2. Please follow instructions from the ski patrol within the ski areas. Obey signs and warnings, keep off closed trails and out of roped off areas. When you receive help or the Ski Patrol says hello, please respond nicely. They are are not the fun police there to ruin your snow mojo, they are there to keep all slope users safe and happy. A friendly hello and smile can go along way.

3. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy, as it's hard to know the age and gender of fellow skiers due to shades, masks, hats and crazy ski appareal. See point 2 re: being friendly!

4.Please choose a slope that is appropriate to your skill level. Do not endanger yourself and others by using a lift for more advanced skiers just because the beginner's lift may have a long line.

5. It is your responsiblity to give way to people below you and beside you. If it's the weekend and super busy with heaps of skiers and boarders, or you hit an area that is congested, do the right thing and slow down.

6. If you see someone in that's had a stack or other accident, stop and offer assistance. Don't just ski / board on by. Then find ski patrol or ask resort staff to call in medical attention.

You never know when an injury may be time critical.

7. When you are involved in a collision or an accident, contact ski patrol rather than trying to figure out out who was at fault. Make treatment of the injured party your top priority, that could be you.

8. Don' t use fallen skiers or boarders as slalom poles. Reduce your speed, avoid collision and stop and see if they are ok.

9. In most countries drinking and driving is an offence, and most of us know not to do it. It's the same for the mountain, peeps! Don't get plastered and try to ski or board under the influence (of any substance). You might cause serious injury to yourself and others.

10. Don't make a sudden stop or block a trail. Making a sudden stop near the lift area on a steep hill, or blocking a trail can lead to crazy collisions. When stopping next to someone in the middle of a piste, go around them from behind and stop below them. Be aware when stopping that there aren't people right behind you.

11. Avoid runaway snowboards. Ensure they're secure at all times and invert on the bindings if you have to park your board for a while.

12. Do not cut the line while waiting for the lift. This is a no brainer peeps! No one likes a queue jumper. And just because your friends are ahead in the line, doesn't give you automatic dibs to suddenly push past 100 patient people. If they are good friends they'll wait for you at the top of the lift.

13. Say hello to your fellow man on the chairlift or gondola. See point 2 "

13. Don't be a scammer and try palm off your dodgy lift pass or season ticket.

14. There is no smoking anywhere on the ski slopes, so if you do have to puff, look for designated smoking areas. And please do not throw your stinky butts on the ground. Bin your butt!

15. Throw all your rubbish in a designated bin. No-one likes their beautiful white landscape looking like a polluted eyesore.

16. If you find a lost item of clothing, wallet , mobile phone, etc and anything that is not yours, do the right thing and hand it to resort staff. There is a good chance the owner is missing the lost item and her or she can be reunited with it. Just think if it were you!

17. People from all different countries, culturals, religions and abilities should be treated equally and with respect. This also goes for the choice of equipment used on the slopes. After all you are there to share in the love of snow sports. Just love one another you crazy skiers and boarders.

18. Patience is a virtue, so be patient! There is no room for mountain rage. Just chill!

Ski and ride with care and we'll see you on the slopes.


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