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It seems only yesterday that the lifts stopped turning, we had our last snowboard run and we had packed the snowboards and skis back into storage. Suddenly the hot sticky summers of Seoul had me back into the realization that we are now more than half way to the next snow season and I need some down time with friends in the cool mountainous air. My life has been busy, no time for fun, no time for myself. So I decided that it was time to check out, grab some friends and supporters of Korea Snow and head back to the place of my winter dreams.

Road trips with friends are the best and this crew was no exception, as we quickly negotiated our way out of the Seoul madness and head east towards the Olympic cluster in Pyeongchang County. The two hour journey went by quickly as our reminiscing of our winter slope shredding soaked up the time. We arrived at our final destination at Yongpyong All Season's resort. The staff had our apartment sorted straight away and we were soon occupying our apartment over looking the fields of wild flowers that covered the slopes of our skiing memories.

With all that fresh mountain air and a chance to catch my breath after crazy city living, it dawned on me. "What do I do in ski resort when it has no snow? The staff at Yongpyong very quickly had our schedule filled for the next couple days. There was so much that we could do from  "The Mountain Coaster", Zip-lining, Segway tours, 4wheel off-road bike, horse riding, water park and much more.

Summer Dreaming - Yong Pyong

Straight out the front of our apartment there was horse riding tours around the resort, nature walks through the surrounding national park and mountain biking tours that take us down designated trails on the existing ski slopes.

"Where do we start?" I kept on asking myself.
We found ourselves just walking across the ski fields filled with wild flowers that was a pleasant change after our drive, amongst all the beautiful natural surrounds of the resort. Through secret pine forests and over gentle streams we wound our way around the resort grounds on way to our first destination "Treasure Island" the resort's water park. The summer heat was soon calling us for a cooling dip in the wave pool and some relaxation time in the spa pools.

Summer Dreaming - Yong Pyong

With the afternoon sun dipping into the west and shadows of the pine trees stretching across the fields, relaxed after the water park, it was time to plan our night party. The huge day on the resort had built up a healthy appetite. Luckily we had our own private chef in our group who whipped up a feast in our apartment's kitchen. We were soon toasting the day's adventures and conquering the feast with our well earned appetite. The evening had us kicking back and watching the stars against the mountain backdrop, anticipating the next day's activities.

Upon opening my eyes the next morning, I was greeted with gentle rays of sunshine, crisp air and the sounds of birds chattering. This is how I should wake up every morning. It was then a quick breakfast and setting plans with the team for our final day.

Summer Dreaming - Yong Pyong

We made our way to the Gondola House and jumped one, straight to the top of Samok Mountain through the wonderful scenery on offer. I am so used to seeing the trees that adorn the mountain slopes covered in the white dustings of winter, that I could not take my eyes from the green canopy. Arriving at the top after the 4 km gondola ride we were afforded the clearest view of the surrounding district in all its summer glory. We could not believe our luck having the gods on side and providing us with perfect views that seems to stretch on forever. All my stresses seemed to melt away and it felt like we were in some summer dream on top of the world.

 Summer Mountain Biking Yongpyong

It was then with heavy heart that my friends and I realized that our summer mountain adventure was nearing the end and it was time that we venture back to Seoul for our normal lives. We had seen Yongpyong resort at its summer finest, which had left us wanting more and we were already we were planning our next summer escape from the city.

I love the mountains in winter. And I now love the mountains in all their summer glory. I can't wait for our next "Summer time Dreaming" at Yongpyong.

SeungJoon Lee

Thanks to the staff at Yongpyong for hosting us and making our adventure so enjoyable.

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