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So I arrived at Phonenix Park on the eve of Day 2, a little weary from the activity of the day and was pretty much settling in for quiet night. I had previously arranged to catch up with our mate, JK from Korea Snowple, thinking we might grab a quick bite to eat, down a few cold Cass beers and hit the sack. After all, I had been on the road for 2 days and had already put something like 500km on the clock across the Korean peninsular. I really wanted to rest up before hitting Phoenix Park's legendary slopes, host to the 2018 Winter Olympics snowboarding events. Boy, was I wrong!

At the front entrance where I was to meet up with my hosts, I was struck by the biggest snow dome I have ever seen. A 2-storey high structure complete with digital screen the dome was covered in smiling faces, local weather and ski reports. I even managed to navigate language issues to get my own mug shot plastered across the front - wicked! As I met up with JK, it quickly became evident that my whirlwind adventure would blend Day 2 into Day 3 at a great pace. No sooner had been introduced to the whole enthusiastic Snowple Team, a food delivery service arrived with a feast of Chinese/Korean food, for which I was very grateful after a long day on the road. Passing on my thanks for the evening meal, JK quickly corrected me and said it was only a snack and that the evening meal was booked for 11pm. With great conditions on the mountain, we were all going for a ride! How could I refuse my generous and enthusiastic hosts?

The Korea Snowple crew were all pumped to take the strange man from Australia up the Phoenix Park gondola and show me their turf. A surprising warm night with pleasant conditions was a stark contrast to my previous bitterly cold wind blown -25 degrees celsius night skiing experience! What I though would be a short spell ended up being a 3 hour session with run upon run of very eager young shredders displaying some very fresh moves. 

With adrenalin pumping post session, at midnight we headed off for a Dokgalbi (spicy Korean chicken dinner) feast at JK's mates's local restaurant where the whole team showed me their version of après-ski, Korean style. After much singing, party games, Soju/ beer bombs and mountains of food into the wee hours of the morning, it was time to head back to the team's apartment for you couldn't guess, what. More food...

I woke late morning of Day 3 of my Krazy Korean Adventure, a little hazy did from our night of festivities to say the least and in need of a strong coffee. With a bit of light snow falling over Phoenix Park, I found my gracious host, JK to bid him farewell. He declared that we were now brothers and said he was keen to catch up with me next week on my visit to Konjiam Ski Resort for another another session of skiing and his infectious hospitality. Should I be scared? Not at all, as love the Korean's enthusiasm to embrace life and live it to the fullest, all be it for a few less brain cells and a lack of sleep. 

After JK left, I had the chance to have a good look around the Phoenix Park complex. I found it has great facilities, with accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, most of it on snow and within a short 2 minute walk to the lifts and other facilities. There's a good spread of food outlets and for those with more western palates, plenty of choice with most establishments having menus in English. A family staying in Phoenix Park for a week would be well entertained even without ski slopes as the complex offers water parks, family activity centres, hot bath houses and food food food galore!

But, it was time to hit the road again and head further north east to the village of Hoenggye, the home of the opening Ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics. As I set Broom Hilda (nickname for my GPS) she had a slight meltdown on the route options and I ended up on some 'off-freeway' alternative. A stroke of genius, really, as I got to see some stunning back country through picture postcard valleys and snow-capped peaks. I pulled into my accommodation at Hoenggye to a message from my friend Injun Park from Yongpyong Ski Resort, advising Day 4 would start 9am sharp at the base of the gondola and to be ready with gear in hand. It could be another mad adventure of sweet rides and midnight feasts, so I took myself off to bed early to recharge the batteries. If you're on the mountain today, look out for us around Gold Fantastic! Over and out...

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