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Day 13 and you might be wondering, where did that Krazy guy end up? Well, the afternoon of Day 12 saw me make a mad dash across the Korean peninsular with the freeways chock-a-block full of holidaymakers weaving their way back home. I set the GPS to alternate routes, slotted into the Jeep Cherokee and drove back north to my sentimental favourite, Yongpyong Resort, Gangwon-do.

Most of my Korean mates have been confounded at the kilometres I have put on the speedo and just don't get doing 5 hours one haul. As I keep explaining, long distance drives are par for the course in a country as big as Australian. Besides, the thought of a few more lines in great snow was all the incentive I needed. So I cranked up the stereo with some wicked tunes, bought a block of sugar-fixing NZ Whittakers chocolate (one of my faves) that I'd picked up at a truck stop and motored on.

On arrival it seemed that Yongpyong had also suffered at the hands of warmer temperatures, although forecasts were for a cold snap overnight. I hoped that was enough to repair whatever damage had been done to the mountain in time for a great ride the following day. I decided to stay in the resort this time and picked up a room at the Dragon Valley Hotel, which sits at the base of gondola. 

Day 13: Yongpyong Magic

With a good night's sleep under my belt, I woke to sunshine and a clear view across the valley and to Dragon Peak. Perfect! Up the mountain I went and wound down the beautiful 5km trail run around Mt Balwang. The end to Solleal holidays meant the resort was crowd free and I pretty much had the run all to myself. A few runs later I dropped into the snow park to get some pics of some local boys having a Monday morning expression session. These guys were killing it! Flying and twisting into some great jumps, it was just so fun to watch. Feeling the need for a little self-expression, I ducked over to my most favourite part of the mountain, Gold Valley and just boarded and boarded and boarded.

With no particular place to go or be, today I just relaxed and had a fantastic time.

Day 13: Yongpyong MagicReally, snow peeps, does it get any better than this? Can the snow gods bless you any more than with a beautiful day, a stunning view in every direction and great snow? Pinch me, I am in heaven on earth! Every extra minute on the road yesterday was worth every bit of snow and mountain I charged today. This is the stuff we dream of from season to season; this is the reason I work my butt off to get away northern and southern hemisphere winters; this is sheer joy, beauty and magic all wrapped into one. 

And where will tomorrow take me, who knows? The only thing I do know is that tomorrow I part with the trusty Jeep Cherokee and will set the GPS one last time towards destination Gangnam. On the way? Well, there's Welli Hill and Phoenix Park. Anything could happen...

Day 13: Yongpyong Magic


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