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So, you've decided to head to the Korean snowfields for your Northern Hemisphere snow holiday and the next thing on your 'To Do List' is to sort out snow wear and equipment.

One option is to look at renting all your gear and equipment to keep you light - not a bad option when cheap flights have weight limits or additional fees for 'sporting' baggage.

Ski and Snowboard Hire in Korea

Options for rental of snow wear and gear in the Korean alps is surprisingly vast. There is a good range for choice and at a very reasonable and competitive prices - as with anything it is worth shopping around. If you only have a few days, prefer convenience and want to maximise your slope time, look at renting all your gear at your resort of choice, though expect to pay a premium and you might be limited by choice of equipment and gear.

Otherwise, take a look at the numerous rental places that line the roads leading into the ski resorts, which are often open until late in the evening and tend to offer a wide range of equipment and apparel options that won't make you look like the hundreds on the resort wearing the same gear. Savings renting outside of the resort will be about 30% on the resort costings and the rental shops all seem to offer discounts on lift tickets when you rent gear through them. It is also a good way to get some honest and unbiased inside information in regards of local conditions, favourite spots and secret off piste runs.

We recommend that you bring your own thermals, goggles and gloves as they are essentials not found on the rental racks. You can, however, rent helmets readily. Foot size is also a worthy consideration for mention - if you have a larger foot size i.e over US 9 or 42.5 Euro, you might look at bringing some boots with you as the Korean's don't tend to cater for the larger foot. Happy days!

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