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I grew up watching "Back to Future" trilogy and something that always stuck with me was the fact that in 2014 I would be riding a hoverboard and we would all have flying cars. Reality check time. I am still pushing my skateboard along the street with my foot and the only flying in my car is down a steep hill with the windows open. But wait, there is something that could give me hope...

The Hoverboard was developed in France by Zapata Racing with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the sea and the sky in a new extreme discipline. By the looks of their latest promotional video they have managed to do just that plus more. The Hoverboard video might just be the closet thing to my childhood visions of Marty McFly air grinding the fountain in Back to the Future II. The board itself is attached to a long tube which then is fixed to the output jet of a PWC (Jetski or Water bike) and as the vessel moves along it then provides the thrust to the board to complete its aerial trajectory.

There have been other water jet packs on the market, but this one now gives the rider the freedom to explore the boundaries of any water course. I am wondering how long it will be before we see the Hoverboard tested in the giant waves of Hawaii and other big wave destinations. The Hoverboard itself can obtain speeds of 40km an hour and heights of up to 5m, with the rider also able to control the water flow of the PWC with an electronic remote pack. We can see the Hoverboard becoming very popular in seaside resorts all over the world and we hope that Korea will not be an exception. Maybe some of our beloved ski resorts can make use of their lakes for summertime water activities. Hint hint... This author is only too happy to be a test pilot.

Now Zapata Racing has delivered me my Hoverboard, maybe they can start working on my flying car. 

For more information see Zapata Racing 


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