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There is nothing else to say - food in Korea is the bomb! And with its vast variety of tasty morsels combined with the enjoyment of cooking, socialising and eating all at the same time, the Korean BBQ is no exception.

Throughout Korea there are restaurants dedicated to the Korean BBQ experience, and mine up a Myeongdong side alley was nothing short of memorable. As we entered, we were greeted and promptly escorted by smiling staff to a seat at one of the tables, broken up by the hanging retractable exhaust fan and a gaping hole in the table. We were then given a menu with a selection of meat, which you order, then a soju (Korean vodka) menu. Hot coals are placed in the hole in the middle of the table and this is then covered by a hot plate for you to cook your own meats. There are plenty of meat, different cuts and marinades to choose from and I highly recommended you also try a jeong (savory pancake) as a little pre-dinner nibble. Your condiments come out first (usually pickled onion, a cold pasta salad and kimchi) and then your raw meats and you start cooking away. Whilst cooking you have a few soju, eat the meat that is cooked and talk. A Korean BBQ is super fun, delicious and should be on the list of things to do when in Korea.


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